Who we are

Who we are

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Stephen Mather

Sam Bushell

Tony Williams

Noeline Thorne

Lindy Lute

Kristine Williamson

Kim Newberry

Kaitlyn Parish

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Ellen Mackenzie

Elizabeth Reid

Elizabeth Biddle

Dana Bowman

Claire Johnson

Candy Lockwood

Katrina Johansen

Lyn Ellem

Wendy Thomas

Miranda Naylor

Naomi Levy

Sarah Handebo

Kath Douglass

Crystal Patterson

Lisa Weiss

William Shillingsworth

Carlie Donnelly

Direct Support Worker

Kymberlee Bale

Direct Support Worker

Melinda Reynolds

Renee Newberry

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Whatever your situation, we will work with you to ensure the services and support you choose are tailored to your individual needs and enable you to keep living independently and actively in your own home.

We proudly support inclusion and encourage diversity in all of our services.

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